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30.03.2019 12:30 •  Английский язык

:d hi beth, (1) you have a good holiday? i phoned you several times this morning, but you (2) answer, so i think you were in bed. i’m sure the plane arrived late last night. i can’t wait to talk to you! what was the hotel like? did you meet (3) interesting people? how much did you spend? ! last week here was quite boring really. i didn’t (3) anything interesting. i worked at the farm shop for three mornings and then i spent all the money in one afternoon! i didn’t buy the new george clooney dvd, but i borrowed it from jason. you can watch it with me tomorrow. i didn’t go online because there were some problems with our computer. so i couldn’t send you an email, but i (5) a couple of text messages. did you get them? also – i didn’t do any schoolwork! it’s the holidays! phone me soon and tell me what you did in ireland! love, amanda

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07.06.2020 04:37
1.did 2. Didn't 3. There(там) или many (много)4. Do 5. Sent you
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